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Keep it Simple, Speedy / Secure

Simple isn’t always easy

SiteCraft is more craft than science because the latest technology isn’t always your customers best friend. There are good reasons why:


The browsers and the various devices your customer/clients use vary in their ability to process data. We make it our business to know what works and on what. Your site will be totally functional on the majority of devices.


Developers can’t know what your customer/client needs until they understand your business flow. Your site must be ‘intuitive’.


SiteCraft developers are business savvy, which is to say that we prevent the creative/technical design aspects from overtaking the purpose of the site.

Customer Service Sites

Developers love creating ‘Member’ sites, with log-in and many layers because they are the most challenging and lucrative.

SiteCraft only creates ‘Customer Service’ sites with no log-in, no sensitive data storage, and no safe-cracking skill required to sign in. It doesn’t mean losing the ability for e-commerce or the ability to create a leading image for your firm. It doesn’t mean low or no security.

It just means ease of access.

Back to the future

Simple has another benefit. If there is a problem, and there usually is at some point, it is easy to locate and simple to fix. Uptime is a real thing. The customer needs your site when they need it and the only way to keep that promise is to keep it ‘simple’.

Speedy Delivery for everyone

We begin with our proprietary 10 Big Questions system. This process is 100% interactive because we need to understand your business and your customers/clients.


We create a preliminary site concept. We meet. If it’s right, we begin the business of development. There are 4 more review & revise meetings before site deployment.

Speed is a Craft

Sitecraft builds an ‘outside-in’ development platform. Our first concern has to be ease and speedy delivery for your client/customer. With careful design, the user experience can feel effortless and safe.

Less is more

We have learned over the years that there is a ‘sweet spot’ between using the latest technical advances available and preventing bounce. We use unique design elements to call attention — not gimmicks. We choose communication over flash.

Simple, speed

Your site can be greatly affected from one device platform to another — It must look great and function well regardless. That is our pledge.

Great design is Craft

SiteCraft builds only customer-service sites. Our background is business and our forte is graphic design. Our value is making it work. The hard part is crafting the site to you, and not the other way around.

Our Portfolio

Here is a sample of past work. We are not the cheapest developer around so we don’t cut corners on your job. This investment will show returns for you because it is done right from the beginning.

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